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The Levkin’s are known to be grumpy and bipolar. But multi-talented. They are inexplicably drawn to the Fokin Bloodline. They’re primarily conductors, though not all exhibit a trait. The main Levkin’s in the seriesare Ksenyia and Krill.

Krill Levkin

Krill Levkin Bloodline Post

Krill split most of life between a Scottish military service and other various unknown training camps. He has the massive frame of a bodybuilder and a blonde buzz cut. His appearance alone if intimidating. He’s a human armory. A walking military tank. He can expel most any form of weaponry from his core — including missiles. His Limbal Ring is silver.

Ksenyia Levkin

Ksenyia Levkin Facebook Post 2

Ksenyia is, at first glance, a supermodel. She’s 5’10, slender, and British. She’s slightly arrogant, but highly skilled in bio-sorcery. She’s a conductor and can re-purpose energy from other Descendants. She also has the ability to mentally torture others. Her Limbal Ring is Bronze.


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Scion Saga Addiction Fan Club

Osborn’s are resilient, trustworthy, calm, brutal, resourceful, and quiet. Though other Osborn’s make a brief appearance in Opaque: Book 1, only Valentina Osborn is mainline.

Valentina Osborn

Osborn Bloodline Post

Val is Adam’s best friend, Ksenyia’s mate, and the only Descendant who has resided at all of the existing safe houses. She prefers darker colored lipsticks and nail polishes. She often wears eccentric silver jewelry and is an artist in her own right. She’s quiet, but quite brutal.

Deluxe_Dismembered_Body_1400__27945_grandeShe’s able to dismember the human body, with or without killing them. Her skill and is gruesome and vicious! Her Limbal Ring is fuchsia in color.

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Scion Saga Addiction Fan Club

Wit’s are fierce, independent, pokerfaced, inquisitive, and analytical. The main Wit’s in the seriesare Carly, Dauma, Jude, Erik, Ian, Chandler, and Vera. Ian and Chandler aren’t fully introduced until Book 2, so we’ll focus on the others.

Dauma Wit

Dauma Facebook Post Dauma Wit

Dauma is Carly’s mother. She has Ethiopian and Egyptian heritage. She’s tall, impeccably built, calm, pokerfaced, and unbelievably strong. She’s the eldest, wisest, and strongest of all Descendants. She’s a no nonsense parent who teaches Carly to be strong and responsible at all times. She possesses a plethora of abilities. Ambient energy manipulation, hybrid bio-scan, DNA manipulation and analysis. Her Limbal Ring glows amethyst in color when her core is active.

Carly Wit

Wit Bloodline Post Carly Wit

Carly is a fit 16 year old girl. She’s a strong, independent, Afro-Russian implant from Silver Springs, Minnesota. She’s respectful, intelligent, analytical, and inquisitive.

She controls fire in every form. Pyrokinreyis. She has…

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Solomin’s are generally known to be adventurous travelers, loyal, impatient, skeptical, and loving. The two main Solomin’s in the seriesare Mariah (‘Rye’) and Evan. Rye and Evan are Irish twins, born only 10 months apart.

Evan Solomin

Solomin Post 2 Evan Solomin

Evan, being the eldest of the two, is easygoing, playful, and heavily resembles actor Chris Evans. He possesses the ability to visually alter reality. Essokinreyis. When in battle, he blinds his opponent to gain advantage. When around friends, he takes them on visual trips to tropical locations. His Limbal Ring glows Navy Blue in color when his biokenretic core activates.

Mariah Solomin

Rye is a petite fashionista and Carly’s BFF. She’s fiercely loyal, impatient, and skeptical. Her primary traits are speed, teleportation, and portal creation.

Solomin Bloodline Post Rye’s portal

She can port you to a different room, state, planet, or universe! Her skill is feared by all and unmatched.

Her Limbal…

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Rozovsky’s are mysterious, powerful, rebellious, loners. The main Rozovsky’s in the seriesare Adam and Alexandra.

Adam Rozovsky

Rozovsky Bloodline Post 2 Adam Caspian-Rozovsky

Adam is the lead character in the Scion Saga Series! He’s is a lean muscular 16 year old. Initially, he’s frustrated and depressed because he doesn’t know what’s happening to him. The biokenretic mutations make him a selective loner. He’s a tall, hazel eyed gorgeous young man. He’s skilled in the martial arts. In Book 1, he discovers that he’s adopted and that he descends from the Rozovsky Bloodline.

Split Adam BackgroundHe controls the wind and affectionately refers to it as Zsita. Aerokinreyis. Having control of air grants him the ability to fly. Later, he discovers his ability to access human memories.

Adam's Limbal Ring Cropped

His Limbal Ring glows Harvest Gold in color when his biokenretic core activates!

Alexandra Rozovsky

Alexandra is Adam’s biological mother. She was captured by the Iksha as a teen. She…

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Журналы – The Journals

The mystery of the Scion Saga continues…

Scion Saga Addiction Fan Club

JournalEvery family’s ancestral tree is sacred. Not just the bloodline, but the stories told of the lives lived. In Opaque, we were invited into Alexandra’s life through the журнал she left for Adam. In Split Adam, we’ll get a glimpse into a different Descendant’s journal. But whose?

The 7 bloodlines go back several centuries, as far as we know. That’s a multitude of generations and a mountain of history. So, how many Descendant Journals are there? Perhaps the Descendant’s struggle with their future because they haven’t reconciled with their past. We all know that history is doomed to repeat if we continue to ignore it. In Split Adam, the fans would love to explore the Журналы [The Journals] more thoroughly. I just wonder if the author will keep us guessing or finally turn those Russian-inked pages.  We are dancing in our seats with anticipation! Don’t keep us guessing for…

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The Iksha

Scion Saga Addiction Fan Club

We’re extremely excited to announce that the author of the Scion Saga Series will be open to questions regarding the Elite Russian-Scientist Society – The Iksha.

Scion Saga Addicts are well versed on the Descendant Bloodlines, but many have questions about the Iksha. How were they formed? Who’s in charge? What is their primary directive? How do they function in such high secrecy? Do they work in conjunction with The Kremlin? Many of these questions and more will be answered by the author in the upcoming weeks and months! Stay tuned! You do not want to miss out on the fun we have planned for 2017 and beyond!


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How the Scion Saga was born

Scion Saga Addiction Fan Club

The author of the thrilling new young adult sci-fi series talks about how it all began.


SSA: How did you come up with the idea for Opaque [the book that started it all] and the overall biokenretic mutation?

Cālix: In hindsight, it was all a bit cliche. I was watching the Investigation ID channel late one night, as usual, and I fell asleep while watching. I had a terrible nightmare about a young man with flashing golden eyes. He terrified me because his face was innocent but his thoughts were not. That was the first nightmare. I woke up breathing heavily and thanking my stars that this boy wasn’t real. I didn’t understand what I had seen in my dream. The following night, he came back. Sad and pleading. It was almost as if he was trying to explain himself in the next dream. His Limbal Ring was a discernible…

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Carly Is Not Your Damsel In Distress

Cālix Implied & Amplified


There has been a fairy tale image embedded into the young adult psyche through a series of images, literary works and then massive advertisements to perpetuate the fairy tale. It’s called the Damsel In Distress. It’s become a tiresome standard in novels, and young adults are over it. Let’s briefly discuss just two fictional damsels before I explain myself.



Sookie had a great many qualities about her that were appealing to different people for different reasons. In literary works, it’s easy to envision someone exactly the way we want them. When Sookie’s character was brought to life by Anna Paquin on television, well…it leaves less to the imagination. Sookie was feisty, defiant and strong-willed. Indeed. But it seems she was only that way when it came to Bill Compton. From the beginning of the series, I noticed some things about her that were off-putting…

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